Shoe Care Products

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Leather shoes with Burgol and other high quality products

Shoes accompany us everywhere and are constantly exposed to external influences such as dust and moisture. Proper care makes them more resistant and keeps your shoes looking as good as new. Especially high quality leather shoes are best maintained with Burgol products or other selected shoe care products, for example from sapphire, LeCare or our own brand Langer and Messmer. In our online shop you will find leather soled oil over leather cleaning foam to cleaning rubber many high quality shoe care products.

Leather sole oil for robust, elastic and waterproof soles

The soles of your welted leather shoes are easily and effectively maintained with Burgol leather sole oil. The leather sole oil reduces the wear of the sole by half and thus doubles its life. The soles are also waterproof and gain in elasticity. Burgol's leather soled oil and shoe cleaner are made from 100% natural ingredients and biodegradable. The Lederinstitut of the Gerberschule Reutlingen has tested the products and rented them as „outstanding”.

Ideal equipment for the shoe cleaning box

Equip your shoeshine box with the high-quality products from the online shop of Langer and Messmer: In addition to leather sole oil and shoe cleaner you will find many other shoe care products such as nubuck suede care for all suede leathers, impregnating cream for particularly stressed smooth leather shoes such as hiking boots and sole edge color to refresh the heels and sole edges. The foam rubbers from our online shop are very suitable for removing dust and simple stains on nubuck and suede leather. Remove snow edges on smooth leather with the sapphire snow edge remover. The Sapphire Renovateur offers intensive care for fine smooth leather and can restore the elasticity of the leather.

Would you like to know which shoe care products should best be found in your shoeshine box? Call us, we will advise you!