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The lifetime of high-quality footwear depends not only on the way they are made, but also on how you take care of them. With our spring-loaded shoe trees you will be able to enjoy your footwear year after year.

Shoe trees made of wood: elegant and functional

Shoe trees have the important task of retaining a shoe′s shape to help prolong its shoe life. Perhaps more important however than simply maintaining a shoe′s shape, a shoe tree functions to wick away any leather-damaging moisture produced by the foot. Wooden shoe trees are most suitable for this function since wood can absorb moisture. At Langer & Messmer we only sell shoe trees made from red cedar wood, one of the world's oldest coniferous wood species. In addition to shape retention, cedar wood, has long been proven to not only absorb moisture has the positive effect of emitting a pleasant wood aroma to control odour which is created by the oil contained in the wood.

High quality processed shoe trees in double sizes

In our shop we have elegantly manufactured wooden shoe trees ready for you.

These feature a forepart made of two pieces of cedar wood. The ergonomic main body fills the shoe′s vamp while a split spring-loaded and adjustable front blade at the front of the foot allows for optimum fit and airflow - a significant difference from coil spring designs, which also often put unwanted pressure on the shoe. The two-piece front part is connected to a molded heelpiece via two metal tubes whose spring action automatically adapt in length to fill the shoe lengthwise and ensure a snug fit and perfect heel shape.

By the way, shoe stretchers have another function: with their help, shoes in the forefoot area and in the total length can be stretched in combination with leather stretch foam.

Cedar shoe trees with attractive quantity discounts

In our shop you can get practical cedar shoe trees in all common sizes. You can get them either as a single pair or in shoe tree sets of 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 or 20 pairs. Take advantage of our attractive quantity discounts for selected products and sets and give your shoes a long, well-kept shoe life.

That's why shoe trees made of cedar wood!

Our spring-loaded shoe tree is crafted from natural cedar – only eco-friendly woods are used for its production. The soft and aromatic wood offers numerous shoe care benefits: It absorbs humidity from inside the shoe and protects the original shape. The wood′s natural Thujaplizin oil also repels wood worm and other pests. The pleasant aroma also guarantees a naturally good foot climate in your shoes.

The big disadvantage of shoe trees, which are made of foam, for example, lies in the lack of fit. Ultimately, the leather contracts during drying and can literally shrink if the shoe is not optimally filled. As a result painful blisters or pressure points can develop. In addition, plastic shoe trees are not able to remove moisture in the shoe and therefore do not show the "foot friendly climate" function of the wooden variants. Shoe trees made of wood prevent sweaty feet and prevent the development of unpleasant odors. As more and more moisture comes in, you should remove wooden shoe trees from time to time to dry out of the shoes.

Wooden shoe trees, brushes and more: good care pays off

You want to know what else you can do to your shoes, so that you enjoy them for a long time? In addition to the high-quality shoe trees on this page, we offer you numerous products for shoe care. These range from Cordovan pomade to goat hair shine brushes to leather sole oil. Just take a look in our shoe care category! We are happy to advise you by phone, if you are not sure which care for your shoes is the right one. We look forward to your call or contact via our online form.