Shoe Brushes

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From the shoe brush to the shoe polish set: Cleaning shoes made of smooth and suede leather

Whether used for removing dust, for polishing, for rough leather or smooth leather: the right shoe brush is the basis for perfect shoe care. With the brushes from our range, shoes made of smooth leather and suede leather can be gently cleaned. Polish brushes made of horse or goat hair give shoes made of smooth leather new shine again. In our online shop you will find high-quality shoe brushes from our company as well as from Burgol, a true specialist in shoe care. In addition, we offer practical shoe polish sets for your high-quality footwear, so you always have the right shoe brush and care at hand.

The right shoe brush for every pair of shoes

For a rough cleaning of your shoes, to remove dust and dirt, it is best to use a dust brush, for example a horse hair brush by Burgol. All shoe brushes from this renowned manufacturer are made in Germany from local beechwood. The dust brushes are equipped with pure, undyed horsehair from the horse’s tail - as well as the polishing brushes, which make your shoes made of smooth leather shine. For daily shoe care we recommend the horsehair shoe brush from the exclusive series by Langer & Messmer. For a special shine, use a shine brush made from goat hair.

Suede leather is best cleansed with a special suede brush. For example, it can be equipped with synthetic crepe that loosens dirt from the open-pore leather and is long-lasting and washable. For coarse dirt we would also recommend the suede brush with brass and nylon bristles and a rubber head. After cleaning, you can re-fluff and refresh the suede pile of the suede with the rubber knobs. In addition, you will find many more shoe brushes in our online shop, such as welt brushes, tiny glass jar shoe cream applicator brushes, normal shoe cream applicator brushes and more.

A shoe polish set for perfectly groomed shoes

For optimal shoe care equipment, we recommend a shoe polish set with various shoe brushes, such as the 5 piece set for smooth leather shoes which includes a light and a dark cream applicator brush, polishing and dust brushes made of horsehair and a shine brush made of goat hair. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose between various sets, which are available in 2 to 17 pieces. So you can fall back on a solid footing in the field of shoe care even with a low budget. Rely on our large boxes if, in addition to a selection of high-quality brushes, you also want care creams or cleansing rubbers in your assortment. So you will find in our 17-part shoe care set 6 leather care creams in different colors. Due to their natural ingredients such as bee and carnauba wax, they are ideal for gentle care of all types of smooth leather shoes. 2 cotton towels and a shoehorn round off this complete set, which is equally suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

Shoe cleaning set with cleaning rubbers for suede leather

In another shoe cleaning set, for example, there is sponge cleaning rubber. The first one is equipped with a crepe pad, which makes it easy to remove light stains from your shoe. The special cleaning rubber, however, is used when it comes to stubborn stains that require more elbow grease to remove. To find out more about the individual shoe brushes and shoe polish sets from our company, click on the respective product pages. There we have put together detailed information about the individual components of the sets for you. We are happy to advise you on the proper care of high-quality shoes. For this purpose, please contact us by phone - we look forward to your call!