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Exclusive Loake and Barker shoes & shoe trees made of red cedar wood

For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to the world of men’s Goodyear welted shoes. Our offer centres upon the traditional English shoemaker brands of Loake and Barker and of course our own brand Langer & Messmer. Our shoes, which are Goodyear welted and made of high quality materials, are manufactured according to our designs and specifications in Italy and Spain. It is especially important to us that you enjoy your shoes for a long time and that you are able to find your favorite model again in the future. Therefore, we offer suitable shoe trees for all men's shoes and shoe care in a large selection.

Shoes by Loake and Barker: Great selection from classic to modern

Both connoisseurs and those new to men’s Goodyear welted shoes will surely find something to their tastes with the brand Loake. The traditional English manufacturer offers the collection Loake 1880 which features a wide selection of shoe types - from classic to modern, from derbys to boots. The traditional brand Barker goes back to the shoemaker skilled craftsman and innovator Arthur Barker and still stands today for the highest quality Goodyear welted shoes, which are made by traditional craftsmanship methods. All shoe models are produced in England and are still partly made by hand.

Loake and Barker: Exclusive shoes according to English tradition

When Barker shoes are made, only the finest and most carefully selected leather is used. Even after more than 135 years of shoemaking, traditional methods of shoemaking are still employed to offer you a product of the highest quality. The colouring of the shoes is achieved exclusively through natural ecological colours in conjunction with a gentle polishing. The success story around Arthur Barker began in 1880 in the village of Earls Barton in the county of Northamptonshire in central England. Today, the brand’s shoes are the most exclusive thing the island and all of Europe have to offer in the world of traditional fine shoemaking.

Loake also looks back on a similar story: The family-owned company has been producing high-quality men’s shoes for more than 130 years - and now in its fifth generation. The footwear is still produced today in exactly the same factory as at the end of the 19th century. From the four product lines, which are still assembled according to old shoemaker traditions, the series Loake 1880 especially stands out.

Loake 1880: The perennial favorite

Loake 1880 is the family's best-selling series. And for a good reason: The series scores with many elegant and classic shoe models, including the Full Brogue boot with unmistakable punched-hole embellishment or the Cap Toe Oxford, which convinces with a stylish closed-loop style lacing.

High-quality material and first-class workmanship: Loake 1880

Shoes by Loake impress with numerous interesting details that make them real eye-catchers. For example, they exhibit brass-nailed heels, burnished leather or special types of lasts. In addition, all models of the 1880 series are equipped with a midsole made of cork. In addition, the footwear is deliberately made of durable materials so that it can be repaired even after several years of wear.

Goodyear welted shoes stand for the highest quality

Goodyear welted shoes are the highest quality one can choose for men’s footwear. Basically, Goodyear welt is a particular type of shoe construction in which the “welt” – a strip of leather – is sewn around the bottom edge of the shoe and attaches itself to the insole and the upper of the shoe. In turn the welt forms the point of attachment for the outer sole by way of a lockstitch. Most shoes of this type are made with a Goodyear grooving machine and doubling machine. For this reason one reads in connection with footwear of this type frequently the designation “Goodyear welted”.

Good reasons for welted shoes

Goodyear welted shoes not only impress with their excellent comfort and wearability but also with their longevity, which is second to none. The welted construction means they are also particularly easy to repair. This special design is used especially in elegant men’s shoes such as the Derby or Oxford types. A so-called invisible welt seam connects the upper with the insole. Overall, this manufacturing method is a relatively complex and time intensive process, which is why only materials of the highest quality are used. This explains the often higher price compared to other shoes, but this is more than compensated by the long durability and a reliable fit.

Smooth and rough leather care and high-quality shoe brushes

Goodyear welted shoes offer a lot of comfort in everyday life, but also want to be well maintained. For perfect all-round care, we offer shoe trees in red cedar wood as well as professional shoe care and accessories, such as shoe brushes and leather cleaners from Burgol, as well as shoe polish and shoe wax from French top brand Saphir. For proper storage of the shoe care products you will find shoe valet boxes made of wood.

Shoe Trees

To make sure your welted shoes always stay in the right fit, we recommend using shoe trees from our company. These not only ensure that the leather remains smooth, but also removes excess moisture from the shoe. Especially in this context cedar wood has proven itself, which is why we offer all shoe trees made only from this material. The practical accessories are available as a single pair or in a package with up to 20 pairs.

We are happy to advise about the Loake Barker Shoes or on our own offering. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions just give us a call.