Langer Messmer in Heidelberg


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Are you living nearby or passing through? Well feel free to stop by at our store in Heidelberg-Wieblingen! In-store you can look at our extensive range of shoes, shoe care products and accessories, get advice on sizes, fitting and shoe care, try on the latest styles and of course purchase.

We stock up to 200 different models from BARKER, LOAKE and LANGER & MESSMER which are ready to be tried on and taken away.

Our aim is to provide you with expert advice when choosing the right size and style, and ultimately find you the right pair of shoes which fit you. We have more than 20 years of experience with finely crafted welted footwear and are very much looking forward to your visit.

Our tips for you

Below we have put together some useful tips that will help you and us to find the "right" match:

In order to find the right pair of shoes we recommend you bring:

your best fitting pair of shoes so that we can directly compare them to see if we can find a shoe last form to bring an improvement or optimisation in fit.

Also remember the right kind of socks when trying on your shoes.

Do you wear insoles? Bring them with you also.

Sizing of welted shoes can differ to footwear you have previously worn and therefore fitting can take a little more time. We ask you to bear this in mind when calculating time for your visit so we can find you the right shoe.

If the new shoes are to be worn with a particular outfit i.e. for a special occasion, or combined with other similarly coloured accessories in your wardrobe (belts, watch straps etc.), please bring these along and/or the entire outfit so we can find you a desirable match.

Our advice

We value good, detailed and neutral advice, which means we want you to leave with the right pair of shoes fitted as best as possible to your specifications. We don’t want to sell you any old shoe with overworn platitudinous stock phrases. We want to find the shoe that is individually right for you. That means fit is paramount to us. Of course the way a shoe looks is important but it shouldn’t be prioritized over fit. What use is a fine looking shoe if it fits badly? This defeats its whole purpose and goes against our own customer care principles.

Our goal is to find a model that suits you and always in the confines of your budget. Our prices range from approx. 200 EUR to 500 EUR. We want you to feel the difference which would warrant such expenditure, so that you will want to shop with us again and recommend us to your circle of acquaintances and / or colleagues.

We believe it should be a fun experience to browse the world of the men’s finely crafted shoes and potentially find the perfect shoe for you which you will be able to take pride in and enjoy for a long time.

The Holy Grail?

This unfortunately not to be found here. We would like to tell you that for only 250 Euros we have the custom fit pair of shoes for every pair of feet that walk through our door, but unfortunately we don’t. We work within the confines of out-of-the-box shoes whose fitting limitations are much smaller than most people realise. There is often room for manoeuvre, albeit sometimes small, but whereby large improvements in fit can be achieved.

In our experience, similar to making small adjustments and changes to a suit, we can get the most out of out-of-the-box shoes by optimising the way your shoe fits to compensate for oft-occurring disparities in our feet. Of course this doesn’t mean simply the insertion of insoles but switching of shoe last forms and styles.

We are always happy to advise you on these points if you visit us in-store.