Current Covid - 19 information

We want to protect the health of our customers, suppliers and employees as best we can. We have currently taken the following measures:

Shop opening hours

For the time being we do not offer regular opening hours.

Pick ups / returns in the retail shop

Please also make an appointment for this on 06221 50 25 8750.

Online trading

We process your orders with our usual speed and currently have no delays. We are happy to answer enquiries about articles that are not available at the moment as well as subsequent deliveries from our suppliers.

Unfortunately, the supply chains are not yet completely closed again, as they were before the pandemic. It can therefore happen that we cannot answer your questions bindingly or need longer to give you a binding answer.

Returns and delivery of goods

Every delivery of goods and also returns are only processed by us after 72 hours in order to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible. This also means that your refunds will reach you with this delay.

Stay healthy!

We ask for your understanding for the current restrictions, we are looking forward to the return from regular operation. We will disseminate this here and through the social media.

Your team from Langer & Messmer
Status: 29.09.2020