Langer & Messmer Cedarwood Shoe Trees Size UK 5/6 - EU 38/39

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Size chart:
Here you will find the conversion table from Germany/EU to UK and US as well as foot length in mm
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  • Optimal Fit with Extra Long Stretches: Our shoe trees fit perfectly into any shoe, preventing creasing and deformation.
  • Better Moisture Regulation with Natural Wood: Our shoe trees absorb moisture, keeping your shoes dry and lasting longer.
  • Pleasant Scent and Antimicrobial Properties: Cedar wood not only provides a pleasant scent but also combats natural odors and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Comfortable with Ergonomic Handle: Thanks to the ergonomic handle and practical knob, our shoe trees are easy to insert and remove.
  • Includes Travel Shoe Horn: Whether at home or on the go, our shoe trees come with a convenient travel shoe horn made from excess wood.

Product Description:

The shoe trees made of cedar wood offer the ultimate solution for caring for your valuable shoes. Made from untreated cedar wood from the red cedar tree, one of the oldest coniferous species on earth, they not only provide a perfect fit but also offer a variety of other benefits.

An important aspect of cedar wood is its ability to absorb and regulate moisture. This keeps your shoes dry and preserves their shape and durability. In addition, cedar wood provides a pleasant scent and, thanks to its natural antimicrobial properties, combats odors and bacteria.

Thanks to the double spring system in the length and the single spring system in the front foot area, our shoe trees provide the perfect shape retention for your shoes. The split and adjustable front panel ensures optimal fit and ventilation. The shoe trees made of cedar wood reduce the formation of creases to a minimum and always keep your shoes looking well-maintained.

With the ergonomic handle and practical knob on the heel part, inserting and removing our shoe trees is effortless. Additionally, each shoe tree comes with a travel shoe horn made of cedar wood, which is crafted from excess wood.

Product Application:

To achieve the full effect of our shoe trees, insert them immediately after wearing into the shoe. When inserting, make sure that the shoelaces are not inside the shoe. Insert the front part as far as possible into the shoe and press the back part down until the tree sits optimally in the shoe. The distance between the two wooden parts should be about 1 cm. If necessary, the width adjustment can be made using the screw in the front panel. To remove, push the heel piece forward slightly and remove the shoe tree.

Our shoe trees are available in various sizes to ensure an optimal fit for every shoe size. Measure your foot length or take measurements from an insole from a sports shoe to select the correct size.

Here is our size chart:

UK Size 1.5/2.5 (EU Size 34/35)

Adjustability in length: approx. 8.46 to 9.06 inches  (21.5 to 23.0 cm) / Adjustability in width: approx. 2.76 to 2.95 inches (7.0 to 7.5 cm)

UK Size 3/4.5 (EU Size 36/37)

Adjustability in length: approx. 9.06 to 10.24 inches  (23.0 to 26.0 cm) / Adjustability in width: approx. 2.91 to 3.07 inches (7.4 to 7.8 cm)

UK Size 5/6 (EU Size 38/39)

Adjustability in length: approx. 9.80 to 10.79 inches  (24.9 to 27.4 cm) / Adjustability in width: approx. 3.07 to 3.19 inches (7.8 to 8.1 cm)

UK Size 6.5/7.5 (EU Size 40/41)

Adjustability in length: approx. 10.24 to 11.30 inches  (26.0 to 28.7 cm) / Adjustability in width: approx. 3.15 to 3.39 inches (8.0 to 8.6 cm)

UK Size 8/9 (EU Size 42/43)

Adjustability in length: approx. 10.71 to 11.77 inches  (27.2 to 29.9 cm) / Adjustability in width: approx. 3.19 to 3.43 inches (8.1 to 8.7 cm)

UK Size 9.5/10.5 (EU Size 44/45)

Adjustability in length: approx. 11.30 to 12.24 inches  (28.7 to 31.1 cm) / Adjustability in width: approx. 3.50 to 3.74 inches (8.9 to 9.5 cm)

UK Size 11/12 (EU Size 46/47)

Adjustability in length: approx. 11.81 to 12.91 inches  (30.0 to 32.8 cm) / Adjustability in width: approx. 3.58 to 3.78 inches (9.1 to 9.6 cm)

UK Size 13/14.5 (EU Size 48/50)

Adjustability in length: approx. 12.32 to 13.39 inches  (31.3 to 34.0 cm) / Adjustability in width: approx. 3.66 to 3.81 inches (9.3 to 9.7 cm)


Experience the quality and many benefits of our cedar shoe trees and treat your shoes to the care they deserve.

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2 from 5 Spring system is way too stiff

The spring system thats supposed to make the length adjustable is way too stiff. Ive tried several sizes and all of them has failed to adjust the length properly when inserted in the shoe. Moreover, the overall quality and feel is subpar. I would not recommend this product.

., 09.06.2020