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Loake 1880 Legacy

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Loake 1880 Legacy: Look to the future, learn from the past

Legacy means the passing on of something; in Loake's case its long tradition of shoemaking. The new collection from Loake celebrates this company’s long legacy, established since 1880 and demonstrates English shoemaking at its finest.
"Look to the future, learn from the past" is the motto of the new series. Each year new shoe models and ranges are produced by combining the time-honored shoemaking traditions carried on from the past with new advancements made by each new generation. The experience, skill and knowledge built up over time are passed on but refined and improved each time.This Legacy of learning from the past but looking to the future is reflected in Loake's new range. The result is a premium range collection of fine, handcrafted shoes completed to the highest stardards using the highest quality materials. It takes a long time to make shoes of this quality, but it pays off for the intricate and hand-finishing details that sets them apart from others.

Loake 1880 Legacy: Elegance and Comfort combined and Made in England

Combining Loake's traditional shoemaking techniques with high quality materials, the range is made in Loake's original factory base in Northamptonshire, England and contains a number of classic oxfords, derbies, brogues, penny loafers, monk straps and Chelsea and chukka boots.The entire Loake 1880 Legacy Series uses the highest quality materials to ensure a high level of comfort and durability. Each shoe features intricate detailing and a hand-finish. In addition to the superior aesthetics associated with the use of high quality leather and finer finishing, the use of vegetable tanned linings throughout the series provides greater moisture absorption and increased comfort and weaarbility. This keeps your feet cooler and means your shoes can be worn all day without discomfort. The range is Goodyear welted and built on two new lasts, River and Bullet, which are only used in the Legacy collection. These lasts are distinguished by their modern and elegant design which gives the shoes a more visually pleasing form and character. The lasts' shape are also engineered to provide optimum foot comfort due to increased instep support.
Shoes in the range come with leather and rubber soles. Elegant and comfortable, they can be found in leather and suede in a variety of colours.